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Interactive media design is a relatively new and still emergent industry. There is a ever-growing array of different media formats and probucts, each with their own particular technicalities. Obsolescence and interconnectivity go hand in hand. Despite these changes; of formats; markets; styles: and fashions; there is a common core of metaphors and methodologies. I have a comprehensive background in digital, analog, and interactive media. Click on the list below to see a few samples from each section.

Website Design and Development

Websites are currently the core of interactive media. It is essential to tailor the design of each website according to its content and intended audience. These tend to be either text/informational based sites, rich content sites, promotional and interactive rich media sites. I specialize in creating websites that are optimized for search engines, especially Google. I have recently designed and developed dynamic, database driven websites for Drupal and Mambo/Joomla! content management systems.

I usually design a mockup of the website in Photoshop and then develop the website. I divide the page into graphics and text. I then optimize the graphics for the web and code the html and css files. I will then create all the pages on the site and place the content and additional images onto each page. Depending on the clients needs I will often do only some of these steps. I have subdivided this section into three groups: design and development (everything), design only, and development only.

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Design and Development
Dynamic (Database driven Content Management System)
DrupalCampNYC 10 (Drupal 6)
The Real Rosie the Riveter (Drupal 7)
Ancient World Digital Library (Drupal 6)
The New Everyday (Drupal 6)
In Media Res (Drupal 6)
MediaCommons (Drupal 6)
ThoroStride (Drupal 6)
Rich Cohen Music (Joomla!)
Scooter Bottega (Mambo)

All About Prints Documentary website
Niamh Byrne: Art Director
Columbia University's Ombuds Office
Marissa Bridge Studios - Decorative Painter

Design only
Architecture and Memory A Columbia University Press's Gutenberg-e site
Miss Yourlovin A Columbia University Press's Gutenberg-e site
From Heads of Household to Heads of State A Columbia University Press's Gutenberg-e site
Between Winds and Clouds A Columbia University Press's Gutenberg-e site
Connecting Histories in Afghanistan A Columbia University Press's Gutenberg-e site
Belongings A Columbia University Press's Gutenberg-e site
Sensual Encounters A Columbia University Press's Gutenberg-e site
Scholastic's Ellis Island
Scholastic's Island Trilogy

Development only
Jazz Studies Online (Drupal 5)
FreeReading (MediaWiki)
Next Generation Project (Mambo template development)

Examination Days The New York African Free School Collection
Ling long Women's Magazine (front end web development only)
Carnegie Corporation Oral History Project
The Shield Institute
In the Balance (Fred Friendly Series for PBS)

Flash Design and Production

I have designed websites, animations, slideshows, promotional CDs, interactive quizzes and timelines in Macromedia Flash. Flash is a streamlined, and very powerful medium but suffers from being trendy and often inappropriately implemented.

Please click on the red links below to view flash
Mohegan Sun "Rockin' Murray" — Promo Spot Animation"
Scholastic's Graphix
Breast Cancer Action — Animation
The European Graduate School — Flash Promo
Scholastic's Island Trilogy — Quiz
Scholastic's Amelia Earhart Timeline
Columbia DKV: Maps & Timelines
Scholastic's Winter Storm Timeline
Scholastic's Web Guide

Film and Video Production

I have been involved in all aspects of film and video production. From pre-production to distribution, I have been involved in every stage of a production. I shot both film and video specializing in Super 8, 16mm, and Mini DV. I have edited a number of short films, videos, and a commercial, using both analog and digital editing techniques.

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L — a short film
Change is Constant:
Quicktime 5+: Broadband | Modem
Flash 6+: Broadband | Modem
About Amoeba Technology
Quicktime 5+: Broadband | Modem
Flash 6+: Broadband | Modem
Mark Reilly's Résumé Video from 1996
Quicktime 5+: Broadband | Modem
Flash 6+: Broadband | Modem

DVD Mastering, Visual FX and Title Design

I offer DVD mastering; including film-to-video transfers, MPEG compression, additional materials, slideshows, subtitles, alternative languages, and interactive menus. I also offer visual fx for film and video, compositing multiple different video, 3D, and blue-screened scenes into a seamless whole. I have also designed start and end titles for short films and videos. In motion design I have created station IDs, interstitails, and Logo animation.

DVD Mastering

I created DVD menus for Weston Woods series of educational cartoons.

Weston Woods DVD Menus
Five Lionni Classics: Main Menu | Subtitles Menu | Learning Guide Menu | About Weston Woods Menu
The Rosemary Wells Library: Main Menu
The Snowy Day and Other Caldecott Classics: Main Menu
James Marshall's Space Case Adventures: Main Menu

Title Design

I created the opening title sequence in after effects for a short student film Day is Done.

Day is Done — opening titles
Quicktime 5+: Broadband | Modem
Flash 6+: Broadband | Modem

I also created the closing title sequence for Day is Done.

Day is Done — closing titles
Quicktime 5+: Broadband | Modem
Flash 6+: Broadband | Modem

This is the title in illustrator for another short student film Survival of the Fittest.

Survival of the Fittest — title
View Title

This is the title in illustrator for a radio show called Fragments.

Fragments — title
View Title

CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Design and Production

I was the lead integrator of the interactive historical atlas, for Thirteen's (PBS) award winning DVD-ROM for the documentary series Heritage: The Jews and Civilization. Which is remains the most comprehensive and ambitious DVD-ROM. educational, promotional, and training CD-ROMS, Enhanced Audio CDs with video and other interactive content.

Heritage: The Jews and Civilization
Heritage: DVD-ROM Atlas

This promotional CD-ROM was created in Flash for a now defunct global apparel sourcing company.

Thread Exchange Promotional CD-ROM
Thread Exchange

Logo Design and Branding

I have designed and redesigned logos for individual, companies and Universities. I also offer comprehensive branding techniques, brand specific color schemes, custom fonts and typography and placement guidelines. Creating multiple variants of logos for different formats.

This is the alienresident logo that I created in illustrator.

alienresident logo

These are two logos that I created in illustrator for the band Ultraa.

Ultraa logos
View 1st | View 2nd

This is a logo that I created for the company Code Red also using illustrator.

Code Red

Print: Magazines, flyers, posters, and product packaging

I have designed and laid out magazines, flyers, posters, brochures and video and CD packaging. I was a graphic designer for the long running photography magazine Popular Photography. I have created postcards, brochures, packaging and all kinds of print documents. I have a lot of experience creating Adobe PDFs for printers and for websites.

Read for 2001 Posters
I designed a number of downloadable poster to promote Scholastic's Read for 2001. Read for 2001 was an event where teachers, students and parents read for 201 minutes. Each poster featured a celebrity or celebrities and their quotes for the event.

Pop Star: Aaron Carter
Pop Band: BBMak
Author: J. K. Rowling
Pop Band: NSYNC
NFL Star: Peyton Manning
Ice Skater: Scott Hamilton
Skater: Tony Hawk

Malcolm in the Middle Cast:
Hal: Bryan Cranston
Francis: Christopher Kennedy
Dewey: Erik Per Sullivan
Malcolm: Frankie Muniz
Lois: Jane Kaczmarek
Reese: Justin Berfield